Almost anything that happens in our world, happens because of the supply chain.

Always complex, the supply chain has now become even more nuanced, precise, and fast-moving. And women—it turns out—may be particularly adept at navigating this discipline as it works to connect us across every digital and physical frontier.

On the surface, the supply chain looks like any movement of goods and information toward an outcome—manufacturing a product, maybe, or moving it to market.

But in the digital age, that understanding falls short.

Always complex, the supply chain has now evolved into something more.

The supply chain has become a vehicle for anticipating and managing change, for defining processes that shift on a dime, for fostering strategic partnerships, and for sharing intelligence and strength.

Always in motion, the supply chain now moves with unprecedented intricacy and urgency across the globe and into space.

Always changing, the supply chain is being transformed by digital technologies, automated processes, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence into a tool that not only tracks demand but anticipates and answers it almost instantaneously. The supply chain of the future will call for specialized technical skills and an unprecedented capacity to manage and drive complexity.

Weaving together multiple partners in one gigantic system is challenging companies and countries to think more horizontally—across silos and borders—than vertically. And women are thriving in this field, when they get the chance.

How can we create more opportunities for women in supply chain? How do we leverage their natural gifts for interconnectedness, collaboration, and managing complexity? The world urgently needs more of what women can bring—and are bringing—to the supply chain universe.

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