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Got Game? Michelle Dilley Is Managing the Unmanageable

Here’s a plan for dealing with a global pandemic: Step 1: Pull out the playbook. Step 2: Apply playbook to dynamic situation requiring quick decisions based on incomplete information. Step 3: Tear up playbook. Welcome to the work life of Michelle Dilley, Chief Operating Officer for CJ/DSC Logistics, who oversees the intricate, high-speed flow of…

Female Leaders Face Strong Headwinds Succeeding in Aviation

Despite impressive progress in certain industry sectors, a 2019 study of women leaders in the U.S. aviation industry overall raises concerns about the lack of opportunities for women to advance, and also whether the current pipeline of female leaders is robust enough to sustain the progress that has been made to date. The study—”Soaring Through…

Lessons for Leading in Uncertain Times: “Be Real”

In unpredictable times, says Ann Drake, Founder of AWESOME and President and Founder of Lincoln Road Enterprises, effective leadership doesn’t come from increased control. Rather, it comes from embodying principles that empower leadership teams to consistently do the right thing, stay the course, and keep facing the unknown with a strong sense of “we.”